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We must recreate and revive black institutions, but similarly we must revive a commitment to our communities by being loyal to those who work with and do for us. We must also understand that the creation of black power necessitates embracing our obligation to organize ourselves and our communities, whether they be through forming labor unions at our jobs or tenets rights unions in our neighborhoods. Our spaces belong to us, and we must be intentional in our steps to make that a political reality.

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SPINN assists families in obtaining financial support for their families, childcare needs, education, training, activities that stimulate cognitive growth and legal assistance pertaining to any custody issues while military personnel are deployed. SPINN partners with Ladi Vee’s Etiquette and Consulting, LLC, to offer specialized professional and workforce development with emphasis on business and social etiquette, communications skills, conflict resolution and leadership.

Location: 306 N. Foster St. Dothan, AL 36303
Contact Number: 334-791-0085
Email: [email protected]

Fishers of Men

Fisher’s of Men is a ministry taken up by The Montgomery City of Refuge as a vehicle for black men to discuss and work through issues like physical health, racism, relationships, community growth, political involvement, financial management and more. It is a collective of black men from every age, every background and every walk of life that sees its ministry as living up to Solomon’s proverb that “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of a friend.”

Location: 3820 Woodley Rd., Montgomery, AL 36116
Contact Number: 334-202-6991 or 334-202-1592

Sister Keepers

Sister Keepers is an association of women who choose not to wear a fake mask and be our authentic selves. We assemble weekly for fellowship and support. We are a sisterhood that comes together to work through and release the condemnations and triggers in life that may cause us to falter. Because of Jesus, we are free to be bold and tackle the hurt, and pressures that bind us. Sister Keepers are women of faith who know they are not perfect but are striving towards the mark who is Jesus Christ.   

Location: Dothan, AL
Contact Number: Minister Stephanas White – 334-796-7974

Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study and Prayer Group

Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study and Prayer Group is an interdenominational men’s religious and Bible study group that uses group reading, and intergenerational fellowship to encourage, involve and promote the work of men in the community. We meet every Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M.

Location: North Highland Baptist Church in Dothan
Contact number: 334-828-3568

CPE Project A

Computer Printing Etc. Project A helps build awareness of organizations, churches, and businesses in our community.  The site contains a directory of businesses, organizations, and churches from the Wiregrass Area.  It also has a local community calendar that features events from around the Wiregrass Area.  CPE Project A also helps fund the Entrepreneurship Council and other events in the community.

Location: 412 North Alice St., Dothan, AL 36303
Contact Number: 334-678-9075
Email: [email protected]



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