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“I’ve been active in our community since about 1989. My work deepened upon joining Masonic Lodge CA 165, Newark, New Jersey, which began my journey into doing community service. In that capacity, I’ve done food and clothing drives, mentoring for our youth, prison visitation and support for the incarcerated, scholarships programs, community BBQ’s, you name it. I relocated to Alabama in 2012 where I saw conditions for our people were worse than I’d ever seen anywhere else. As I learned the state and its politics, I knew that I needed to get involved and I knew that I needed you to join me.

Real Talk is about love for our people in a country that has no love and resources to give. There’s a lack of services, access to fresh food and water, wealth, proper education,  and on top of all that, we’re overpoliced. Real Talk exists to ignite and express the dire need for change in our community. And change can only come with action. ” – Herschel Gaston, Host of Real Talk

Know Your People – To change the narrative we must change our relationship to ourselves and our communities. That must first come with knowledge, knowledge of where we come from, knowledge of what influenced our brothers and sisters from past revolutions and movements, and knowledge of our condition.

Know Us – Real Talk is your platform, but here you can learn about some of the people and organizations that run it. If you want to be part of this list, contact me and I’ll let you know what to do

Build Real Power – This is where we provide resources on how to organize your communities and your neighborhoods, and where we will highlight groups that are doing work to better our community

Real Talk Unfiltered – This is going to be where you can get special unfiltered, uncensored Real Talk content and where we’ll have interviews and discussions that we can’t have on air.

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